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State Election Platform

Imagine a world where animals and people live together in harmony with our planet. A world where we ensure the health of animals, as well as ourselves, and the planet we all share.

This is the world that the Animal Justice Party is working towards. To make it happen, we need political representation that stands up first and foremost for the animals, and also the people, and the places we love.

For too long, animal issues have been ignored by the major political parties. The Animal Justice Party was created to address these issues – to give a political voice to animals. Whether it’s through amending and strengthening laws in local government areas, state, or federal parliament – we seek to bring positive change to the way animals are treated.

We’re proud to offer our State election platform for improving, rebalancing, and enriching life for animals. It’s time to act – are you ready to be part of the change?

  • Reduce Roadkill
    • Road design with wildlife in mind
    • Lower speed limits from dusk to dawn
    • Implement a driver education program
    • Support wildlife carers with funding and resources
  • End Horse and Greyhound Racing
    • End all government funding of racing
    • Ban use of whips, twitches and tongue ties
    • Legislate rehabilitation and rehoming of retired racing animals
    • Goal: to end all animal racing
  • Support for Companion Animals
    • End discrimination against tenants with companion animals
    • Outlaw puppy and kitten farms
    • Include companion animals in probate and guardianship laws
    • Abolish property status of animals - recognise their sentience
  • End Salmon Farming
    • No to factory-farmed fish anywhere!
    • Protect marine wildlife and the marine environment
    • Make the shift to plant-based aquaculture industries
    • Invest in cell culture aquaculture research
  • Stop Old Growth Forest Logging
    • Old growth forests support a myriad of creatures
    • End logging in Tasmanian State forests
    • Support those involved in forest logging to transition
    • Rewild and rehabilitate logged forests to provide animal habitat
  • End Wildlife Hunting
    • Ban the hunting of Tasmania’s precious wildlife
    • Commercialisation of wildlife body parts to cease
    • Non-lethal alternatives to killing for ‘property protection permits’
    • Save $ with no government administration of hunting

Animals participate in all the richness that life has to offer, just like we do.

They experience a range of emotions, feel comfort and pain, and form strong bonds and relationships with others. And just like us, animals deserve to live a life free from suffering and exploitation.

But when it comes to political decision making, animals are left behind by the major parties.

The Animal Justice Party is standing up for animals because they cannot stand up for themselves. We’re creating a world where animals are treated with compassion and respect.