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Julia King for Braddon


Julia believes in always trying to act with compassion; compassion towards our planet, our people, plus all other animals.  “In a free world, with a free choice, why not choose to be kind and thoughtful?”

Julia arrived in  Tasmania over 20 years ago, attracted by the stunning beauty of the wilderness, the amazing wildlife, and the relaxed, rural, and friendly lifestyle.  She has lived and worked on the NW Coast since then, enjoying life there with several cats, many rescued roosters, and  a multitude of other visiting creatures.

Being acutely aware of the plight of animals, people, and the planet, due to increasing urbanisation, deforestation, and industrial practises, Julia is keen to represent the AJP.   She  is concerned by the lack of regulations to protect animals and the environment, and by the urgency that is needed to address these issues.

Julia believes wholeheartedly that animals and people share  the same  right to be treated with compassion and kindness, and that their welfare  should be considered  rationally in any decision making that will affect them.  

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