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Jehni Thomas-Wurth for Franklin


Jehni lives in the beautiful Huon Valley, retiring here from Western Australia over four years ago.

She keeps active in her local community but is passionate about animal protection. Since coming to Tasmania she’s become aware of the lack of protection for animals in Tasmania’s political system, and a whole lot of talk but no action from those in power. She believes that the best way to improve the lives of all animals - from puppy farms and racing to animals suffering in intensive agriculture and those killed on our roads and by hunting - is through representation in parliament.

“Animals are let down by our elected representatives, their interests and well-being taking a very long second place to human activity, and they often fall off the politial radar entirely. I want to get elected to be a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves”.

Jehni is involved in local grassroots efforts to stop native animal road deaths, and is a vocal supporter of our native forests, with a particular emphasis on stopping old growth logging.

Jehni shares her home with two rescued four-footers (a challenging canine and a small feline overlord), way too many arachnids and her patient and long-suffering husband, Keith.


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