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Ban Live Export

Each year approximately 2.5 million animals including cows, sheep, goats, buffalo and alpacas face the horrors of Australian live export by sea and air. Sign this petition and together we can help end live export cruelty.

The terror in the eyes of every animal loaded onto a live export ‘death ship’ is undeniable. Trapped on heaving, noisy, fluoro-lit ships with unfamiliar faces, often wallowing in growing piles of their own waste, and lungs burning from ammonia-filled air, these animals know they are destined for a cruel and torturous journey that will only end in brutal slaughter, often whilst fully conscious.

Previously Australian Governments have turned a blind eye to the suffering of these animals, even despite shocking exposés and calls by millions to ban this cruelty. But now that New Zealand and the UK are moving to ban live animal export, the pressure is on for Australia to do the same, or risk becoming a global embarrassment.

Our weak laws have failed these suffering animals long enough. Join our call to ban live animal exports from Australia for good! 

Ban Live Export

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